SreeKa, maker of innovative products. The name for new thoughts and fresh energy.

Unresolved question answered

Why cannot load cells tailored to customer’s requirement? We Do. We have the answer for a long time unresolved question in the scientific world.

Product Tailored

Why do you settle for standard size? Why do you adjust your application? We measure how tall, the shoulder of your application, and manufacture the load cell exactly fit your requirement.

We do not ask but understand

We do not ask what do you want, but we understand what you really want.

Art and Engineering mixed

We saw engineering from a new perspective. We mixed an art with engineering. When the material is taken for manufacturing a product, we look, touch, and feel it. It is not just a product to meet the spec. It is going to be the product that customer is going to love to use.

Who we are

15 years experienced young charm engineers

Has plans and Aim to set a new trend

Working Philosophy – Do right things first and fast. Be ready for changes, Right now.


Thanks to our customers, Who believed in us and giving us challenging jobs

Thanks to our staffs, Who aligned and helps to reach the goals

Thanks to service providers, Who are the extension of who we are.


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