Drop Weight Impact tester | DIT-C | 30000J~100000J


This type of machine is especially designed for drop-weight tear tests of ferritic steels


GB/T 8363, ASTM E436, API RP 5L3, GOST 30456



This machine is constructed by main frame, striker, striker lifting system, striker release/clamp device, specimen feeding system, damping device, specimen collecting device, guard screen, and control system.

Main frame

The bottom plate is made of solid steel plate, mass is up to 2100kg. Anvil is located onto the center of the bottom plate. Impact force onto the frame will rapidly transmit to the ground. As the impact force applies to the center of the main frame which is at the center of the foundation, foundation area is not so big (3mx3m), after long use, foundation will not decline by vibration, and horizontal level of the main frame will not change too.

The main frame is supported by four columns. Each column is divided by upper and lower part. The lower part of the columns is cone-shapecast iron; the upper part is high strength steel pipe. Cone-shape of lower part has higher anti-decline ability than cylinder-shape. Cast iron has stronger vibration resistance and isolation, the vibration caused by impact force will not transmit to the top plate, therefore, the main frame has not apparent vibration for each impact test.

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  1. SIMENS PLC controls and touch screen provide high reliability and versatility.
  2. Automatic specimen feeding and automatic positing
  3. Frame structure is made of solid steel plate with high stability under impact
  4. Striker is made of high strength steel plate with high impact resistance
  5. Use chain to lift striker with high precision in height
  6. Self-lock design for striker clamping
  7. Full-closed safety shield
  8. Special design tools for support change

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