Electromechanical testing machine – Single column table top


The ETM type A Series addresses the needs of standardized and routine testing, providing the user high quality at the most affordable price. The single column testing systems are suited for tension and/or compression applications where tests are less than 5 kN and lab space is limited. They are typically used for quality control and production testing.

Typical specimens: plastics, fine wire, fibers and threads, biomaterials, thin films, adhesives, foam, packaging, paper products, consumer products

New Features

 Robust linear motion guide increases lateral stiffness and ensure linear crosshead travel. This results in accurate crosshead alignment thus reducing variability in measurement data and producing better overall accuracy


 Imported servo motor with precise planet-gear speed reducerprovides higher driving efficiency, low noise and free of maintenance. No need replace lubricates which has longer working life.


 Compact design saves lab space

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 High-speed, low vibration, world-class, maintenance-free, AC servo motor and servo controller Photoelectrical encoder built in servo motor system is for position measurement of crosshead Built-in bidirectional load cell is assembled in the middle crosshead to prevent any collisions and simple to perform compression or tension tests Dual action over-travel limits on all frames provide the highest level of safety and meet all international standards Remote control keypad facilitates test operation Full one-year warranty on parts and labor Freesoftware upgrading

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